Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are NOT Legal for use in the state of California.

Unfortunately the download software tool used to update all Smarty’s is only able to be used on a windows computer.

Smarty upgrade files are huge.  In order to reduce the time needed by the download operation from the internet we have compressed Smarty files with a utility program: 7zip.
To unzip the files you can download and install the 7zip program onto your computer for free from here.

Handheld Smarty Tuners:  Yes!  When you go back to stock a handheld Smarty unlocks from the VIN# and ECM. Now you’re ready to go into another truck as many times as you want.  The only limit is: ONE AT A TIME!

Smarty Touch Tuners: The Smarty Touch works off licenses. It includes a single license which is good for 1 truck/ECM. After being used on the first truck, a new license will need to be purchased for each truck and/or ECM that you would like to install the tuner onto. Licenses are $150 each. You can have up to 3 additional licenses installed, for a total of 4 licenses on 1 device. These different licenses can be used at the same time one does not have to go back to stock first before using on another truck. See the following link for more details:

No, the DTC reader can be used on another truck. Even when the Smarty is VIN# locked to your truck, you can still diagnose your buddy’s truck.

Depending on the year of your truck it could vary a little. Using the handheld Smarty’s anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Using the Smarty Touch anywhere from 5-8 minutes. 

No.  Both the Smarty handheld devices as well as the Smarty touch need to be plugged into the OBDII port of the truck to program or change levels but then can be unplugged. You can choose to leave the Smarty touch plugged in and mounted if you would like to use it for gauges.

First of all DON’T PANIC! Smarty will recover your truck automatically back to the STOCK software. You just need to turn the key on, plug in the Smarty and follow the on screen instructions.

Clutch and Traction Challenger

It improves throttle response of the engine greatly. It spools up the turbo sooner. (On average 200 RPM sooner.) It deals with the injection timing. It alters the torque management.

The softwares without added timing are useful if you want to use a timing box stacked with the CaTCHER.

  1. Plug Smarty Touch unit into the OBDII port on the vehicle you wish to order the license for.
  2. From the MAIN MENU, navigate to the TOOLS menu.
  3. In the TOOLS menu, navigate to UNLOCK CODE(S) button.
  4. Select Request Unlock Code(s)
  5. Select Add Lic
  6. Choose quantity of license(s) you wish to purchase. ( 3 available )
  7. Select ORDER NOW
  8. This will create a file named UCR.S2G on the root of the sd card.
  9. Insert sd card into sd card to usb adapter and insert it into a windows based computer.
  10. Email the UCR.S2G file to include all of your contact information including a good phone number we can reach you during the day Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm MST.
  1. Insert SD Card into Windows based computer using sd card to usb adapter.
  2. Open SMARTY_T file to view root of sd card.
  3. Now drag and drop the ucc.S2G vin license file that was emailed to you and insert it into the root of the sd card.
  4. Now safely EJECT the sd card drive from the computer and insert the sd card back into the Smarty Touch display.
  5. From the MAIN MENU screen again navigate to the TOOLS menu.
  6. Select UNLOCK CODE(S)
  7. You will now have a new menu button INSTALL UNLOCK CODE(S).
  9. New Vin Lic will install and now follow the onscreen prompts to get ready to upload the horsepower tunes.
  10. Enjoy the unlocked Smarty Touch.

The “Root” is the first page of the SD card you will see when you open it on your computer. It is the same page that you will see other folders in that are named “Config” “Custom” and “Data”

SD cards under 2GB default to FAT rather than FAT32.

Every computer storage device, whether an SD card or a hard drive, uses a file system that affects the behind-the-scenes mechanisms computers use to read and write to the card. Two common file systems for SD cards, FAT (File Allocation Table) and FAT32, differ in maximum capacity and compatibility. Many small SD cards use FAT by default, but if you need to switch to FAT32 for compatibility, Windows 7 or 8 can reformat the card, after you move your files off of it — formatting erases all files on a card.

Check the disk space bar before starting to verify your card is empty.

Press **Windows-E** to open the Computer window. Right-click your SD card in the window and choose **Format**. Before proceeding any further, make sure you’ve copied or moved everything off the card that you want to keep. Reformatting a card wipes its contents.

FAT is sometimes called FAT16.
Pick **FAT32** from the File System menu. In addition to FAT and FAT32, the menu offers exFAT, which supports even higher maximum capacities than FAT32’s 32GB limit, but might not be compatible with your devices that use FAT32 SD cards. The other option, NTFS (New Technology File System), is usually only used for Windows hard drives — cards formatted with NTFS won’t work in most devices.
The Volume Label changes the card's name.
Leave the other options set to their defaults, except for optionally unchecking **Quick Format**. Quick formatting an SD card takes less time, but may not detect some problems with your SD card. Unless you’re in a hurry, uncheck the option to run the check and make sure your card is in good condition. Finally, click **Start** to begin the reformat.
You can't undo a format after you click OK.
Click **OK** to confirm that you’ve copied your files off the card and proceed with the format.
Close the window after you finish.
Click **OK** when the format finishes. You can now use your SD card. Before pulling the card out, remember to [eject it safely]

Smarty warranty is 1 year

Commod plug location on the 6.7L Ram trucks.


Yes please Contact us directly to get help with doing that